Tap to Pay: this is the new feature that turns the iPhone into a POS terminal

Mobile phones have become pocket computers with which to do absolutely anything. Over recent years the evolution of these devices has been marked by the need to convert them into multifunctional machines.

And, nowadays, with a simple update, the mobile device can do completely new things. The best example of this is what Apple has just done with its iPhone. Now apple mobile devices can act as POS terminals without the need for accessories.

This feature is called Tap to Pay and is designed for small businesses or freelancers to use of your mobile device to collect. Of course, this feature will not be Apple’s own. Those from Cupertino are not yet an entity that can take on this type of transaction.

In the official statement on Apple’s blog, what they say is that they say that the Tap to Pay feature will come from different online payment systems, such as Stripe. Despite the fact that Stripe has a presence in Spain, Apple would not yet venture to launch this feature in all markets.

So, logically, Tap to Pay has not been released globally for all users. In fact, Apple iPhones in the United States are yet to receive this new feature. Of course, based on these limitations we are facing a new functionality of the most striking.

The fact that Apple has decided to launch a feature of this style, what it does is that self-employed or small businesses do not have to face the typical commissions for having a POS. Of course, it will also facilitate the way to charge any user and, it is that, it will only be necessary to have an iPhone on top.

Of course, not all iPhones will be compatible with this feature. Those from Cupertino have reported that in order to use it, it is mandatory to have at least one iPhone XS. That is, terminals older than that iPhone will not receive this feature. At the card compatibility level, in principle the main ones will be accepted.

Furthermore, by acting in the same way as a POS terminal, any type of device that supports the contactless system can be paid by bringing any type of device that supports the contactless system closer to the iPhone. This makes it possible to pay with cards, mobile phones from other companies and, of course, smart watches like the Apple Watch.