We are living in an era of modernization, about 1000 years back no one had an idea that after just ten centuries the world will look like the way it is today, like if you want a taxi then simply use Uber, Careem applications, and within minutes it is available at your doorstep just by a touch on the mobile phone, no one thought that just by tapping on the mobile screen, the yummiest meal we would have available at our desired place, in past the peoples used to go through tough phases in order to get their wishes fulfilled.

Technology has changed our life overall, it provides us a comfort of living and joys of luxury. In an ancient Kings and Emperor Era, even the king neither have a facility of child water which you have available in your refrigerator, nor the chilled air-conditioned rooms in summers in which you live today.

Have some histories:

The long period of technology transformation started when the Europeans diverted their focus towards education, whole large valleys and communities used to raise amount (through multiple means) for their children’s education, they had sent their Childs to Arabs for the sake of gaining knowledge and wisdom. Then the ratio of literacy among Europeans and Americans got increased overall at very large parameters and is still continue but in recent technology existence, the Chinese have played a vital role overall. All these nations took necessary steps like they run campaigns, spread awareness about education, built colleges and huge top-ranked universities, etc. All the hard work paid off in the sense that today each and every technology and invention belongs to Europe, America, Japan, and China.

Even China is known as the mother of robots today, they have launched 5G technology in their region.

Inventions of 19th century:

  • Electricity
  • Light bulb
  • Telegraph
  • Telephone
  • Sewing machine
  • Electric battery
  • Typewriter
  • Camera
  • Steam Engine
  • Rifle
  • Ironclad ships
  • Aspirin

Inventions of 20th century:

  • Radio
  • Antibiotics
  • Television
  • Airplane
  • Automobile
  • Personal Computer
  • Rocketry
  • Submarine
  • Transistor
  • Nuclear power
  • Internet
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Personal mobile phone
  • Penicillin