Telefónica and Movistar suffer a breakdown: it is possible that your call service is inactive

If you are a client of Movistar, both on your private line and your business line, you may have noticed certain deficiencies in the service since this morning. And it seems that the company has been experiencing a breakdown since approximately 11:00 this morning, still pending announcing its resolution.

Specifically, from Movistar Spain they have shared some messages in which they assure that their technicians are working to analyze, solve the problem and “restore the service as soon as possible”, calling the problem a “generalized incident”.

As the company clarified later, the failure has occurred in Movistar’s 4G network. However, it is curious that the roaming data network seems to work without problems, being the voice calls the ones that are experiencing problems in which, according to users, the voice cannot be heard. voice of the receiver when receiving or making a call from the mobile.

Similarly, the rest of the company’s servicessuch as television (including its online service), calls to landlines or fiber optics, also continue to operate completely normal currently.

Thus, although Telefónica points out that the breakdown only affects part of Movistar’s corporate lines, ensuring that mobiles with a residential or personal contract should not be experiencing any problems, there are already some users who they have begun to publish some complaints through social networks.

Meanwhile, third-party services such as Downdetector, the website dedicated to collecting incident messages with services, shows that the main sources of the problem reside in the large cities of the country, with some sources very marked in Madrid, Valencia or Barcelona. Even so, as the hours continue to pass, users from other locations are also beginning to report some alerts about the fault.

As we said, for the moment, the company is still working on a solution, asking affected users to calm down. As soon as we know the resolution, we will update this same news.