Tencent buys Inflexion Games, responsible for Nightingale

Tencent takes over a new team: Inflexion Games. Formerly known as Improbable Edmonton, join the Asian giant to strengthen its resources in the West. The team is working on Nightingale, their first project. It was in the last edition of The Game Awards when it was presented in society.

“The incredibly talented team at Inflexion Games has a proven track record of developing compelling universes that combine solid action with great gameplay,” says Pete Smith, VP Partnerships at Tencent Global Games. “Initial reaction to Nightingale has been incredibly positive and we look forward to supporting Inflexion in realizing their vision for this and future titles.”

Aaryn Flynn , CEO of the studio, shares her enthusiasm for joining the label. “It is a privilege to work with the Tencent family. “The depth of knowledge and experience that Tencent’s global teams provide, and their ability to support our team’s independence and creative spirit, offer an invaluable opportunity for collaboration. We look forward to working together on Nightingale’s Early Access release later this year.”Nightingale studio sold to Tencent

Nightingale, on his way to early access

The title captained by Flynn points to some time in late 2022 to put a portion of Nightingale in the hands of players. Inflexion Games proposes a shared journey through a world with a Victorian setting. You will move to dangerous realms through portals along with the rest of the community. Survive and build the world of tomorrow as part of a group.

At FreeGameTips we had the opportunity to interview the CEO. For those who don’t know, Flynn has a long history in the video game industry. She was general manager of BioWare and worked on sagas like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. You can read the full talk at this link.

Source: press release (ICO Partners)