Tesla’s Cybertruck can be used as a catamaran

More and more people are beginning to think that it will never come out. Tesla has delayed the Cybertruck several times, since it was announced in 2019. Now it has a release date, at the earliest, for 2023.

Never before have we seenso much anxiety about the launch of a vehicle, for which all kinds of applications are being sought. This is what Tesla vehicles have, which are the equivalent of Apple mobiles.

Some time ago we saw garages adapted to the peculiar ergonomics of the Cybertruck , and now we are surprised by the Cybercat project, by designer Anthony Diamond, who intends to turn it into a catamaran:

This is not a Tesla pickup mod, but a kit that transforms the Cybertruck into a catamaran, without modifying anything.

According to its creator,it is already completely designed, including specifications,unless the final measurements of the Tesla model are known. He intends to sell the kit for a price of around $20,000.

The complement consists of the two buoys that make the catamaran float, the coupling mechanisms to the wheels, and the water motor that uses the Cybertruck battery to obtain energy:

According to Anthony Diamond the assembly process is similar to “floating a boat that is transported in a car“, but to us it does not seem anything more complicated.

The Cybercat catamaran will have a power of 335 horsepower, with a maximum speed of 40 km/h, and a range of 185 kilometers strong> at a speed of 10 Km/h, or from 80 Km to 25 Km/h

To be honest, it is difficult for it to become a reality. First, because the Cybertruck itself has yet to go into production. And second, because it seems like a very niche product.

But, of course, it is something we would like to see crossing the rivers and seas: an authentic Tesla catamaran.