Texting functionality does not work in Android Auto after the latest updates

Thanks to Android Auto, when we are in our vehicle, we can blur or transfer many features of our mobile phone to the screen of our car, making it much easier for us to continue interacting with certain programs either by voice commands or through the screen.

Be that as it may, since the update to Android 12 last year, there have been many problems that have been reproduced in the vehicle, not only mainly affecting Google Maps, but also even making the music volume not be the appropriate one in certain third-party applications.

And one of the problems that has persisted with Android Auto since last year is a bug where the text message functionality does not work properly , making it impossible to read and send text messages through the car.

This bug causes the Android Auto interface to be a mess after the last update

And it is that the Google support forum has been collecting complaints from the user community for several months indicating that, after updating to Android 12, text messages are no longer available in the vehicle.

It is curious, because although the support message already confirmed at the end of November that the error was solved, during the following weeks more and more users have continued to add indicating that this error is still not solved and, in view of the fact that Google has not commented again, it is likely that at the moment there is no patch in preparation.

Google can’t hit the magic key for Android Auto to work well for all devices, and because of the wide variety of devices that can connect to the vehicle’s operating system, finding a balanced solution is nothing simple.