That all job offers show the salary: this is the new regulation developed by Europe

The European Union has proposed a new regulation that seeks to find equal pay between employees in the same sector and position: all job offers that are published from August 2022 must show the salary they offer. It still has to be approved and, when this is achieved, this regulation must also be brought to Spain.

The objective is to inform in advance whoever applies for a job about what their salary will be. On the one hand, it is sought that companies are obliged to report on the gender gap that exists among their staff. The proposal also reinforces the instruments so that workers can assert their rights.

There is still no concrete information to know if the Internet portals where jobs are advertised, such as Infojobs, will have to take measures to ensure that the companies that use their platforms effectively comply with this regulation .

Whoever is a victim of discrimination may request compensation

According to this proposal, employers will not be able to ask those who present themselves for a selection process their salary history. In addition, a company will have to provide anonymized compensation information when requested by employees. Lastly, anyone who has been the victim of pay discrimination will be entitled to compensation. “For the same job, the remuneration must be the same. And, for the remuneration to be the same, transparency must prevail“, said the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen .

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The proposal just presented by the Commission has now to be transmitted to the European Parliament and the Council for adoption.

After this, Member States will have two years to transpose the Directive into national law and communicate the relevant instruments to the Commission. We still have no information on Spain’s plans in this regard.

The Commission intends to provide workers with specific tools to enforce their rights and, above all, reinforce the application of equal pay in companies, according to their spokesmen. There is a lack of concrete information to know how to implement the law when we talk about portals in which to find work. Do not forget that the Internet is the place where you can most access job offers.