The absurd new hoax on WhatsApp that you should not believe or continue spreading

Although many would like it, WhatsApp is not going to add triple blue check. This is a hoax that has been circulating on social networks for months and ensures that the platform is working on an update, which would include a third verification that indicates that the other person in your conversation has taken a screenshot of that message .

Well, these days many Twitter and Tik Tok users are re-spreading this hoax, making people believe that it really is going to be included in the next update.

The most recent thing was the actress Ana Milan, on her Twitter account, who assured that this update would arrive, although it is true that she tweeted it as a joke. Likewise, her affirmation that this novelty was going to arrive soon makes us think that this hoax has had a great diffusion.

The reference website for WhatsApp rumors and updates, WABetaInfo, was already in charge of denying this rumor, calling it a fake news back in December 2021. However, and despite this, the rumors come back again and again.

And there are even media outlets that have not only confirmed that this update will actually arrive in 2022, but they also claim to know what message will appear when someone takes a screenshot of your conversation.

According to them, and it is totally false (we emphasize), it would notify us with the following message: “The user (xxx) has taken a screenshot. For your security, do not provide any type of personal information, you could be the victim of fraud or extortion.”

WABetaInfo is a medium specialized in analyzing beta versions WhatsApp and find news. They have been the first to announce each and every one of the WhatsApp news that we have seen in 2021, and they have also talked about everything new that will come to the application in 2022. So they know what they are talking about and Unlike others, it is a reliable means of information.

However, now that we know it’s totally fake and Meta hasn’t confirmed this update, could it really come in the future?

It is not ruled out that after the commotion generated, anything can be added to WhatsApp, but at the moment it is not under development, much less in a close implementation. Therefore, it is not expected in the short or medium term.