The Amazfit Band 5 activity bracelet only costs 24 euros: more functions and cheaper than the Xiaomi bracelet

The world of activity bracelets is hotter than ever with the arrival of Redmi Watch 2 Lite, a new hybrid between an activity bracelet and a smart watch that wants to compete against the whole world. But if you want an activity bracelet that is slim and easy to use, now you have a bargain with this Amazfit Band 5.

If you wanted a bargain to take care of your health, this is one of the best. Now this Amazfit Band 5 can cost you only 24.90 euros.


Band 5

A smart sports bracelet that can measure our heart rate, count our steps and calories or even monitor our sleep. Its battery lasts 15 days without recharging and is compatible with Alexa services.

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The normal price of this activity bracelet is almost 45 euros, so you have a 45% discount for a limited time. It is also the black version. If you want the version with a green strap, you can get it for almost 39 euros.

Amazfit Band 5 is one of the best activity bracelets on the market and it is also the brand that manufactures Xiaomi bracelets. A detail that will make you understand the extreme similarity between the two bracelets.

One of the characteristics that make the difference is that this small bracelet has a blood oxygen sensor, something that Xiaomi does not have. It also maintains the heart rate sensor, tracking your daily steps, hours you spend standing and burning calories.


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It has an autonomy of up to 15 days of use, measures your health, stress level, sleep quality and also tracks the period and most fertile days for women.

Amazfit Band 5 features Alexa as a virtual assistant, allowing you to raise your arm and speak to Alexa to answer questions or perform any action Alexa can do. on Telegram

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Since it is such a cheap bracelet and it does not reach the minimum of 29 euros that Amazon imposes for free shipping, the best thing you can do is sign up for Amazon Prime and try it for free for 30 days. You can cancel whenever you want and continue enjoying its services until the trial month ends.

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