The barcocicleta, now on sale: caravan, boat and bicycle, all in one (video)

After traveling thousands of kilometers on his bicycle, from the United Kingdom to Japan, the CEO of Zeltini, a great fan of cycle tourism, discovered that it is not the best vehicle to explore the world: it exhausts the legs, it does not allow carrying much luggage, you cannot carry a tent, nor cross rivers or lakes.

But Aigars Lauzis didn’t want to use a car, or any other polluting means. So there was only one solution: if the vehicle of your dreams didn’t exist… you’d have to invent it.

But how to simultaneously create a 100% electric vehicle that good for traveling, crossing rivers and lakes, and camping? The solution is called Z-Triton: an amphibious electric camper trike. You can see it in action in this video:

An all-in-one that runs on the road with an electric motor, allows two people to sleep inside, transports luggage, and navigates.

It has been a hard work that has cost more than 4 years of effort. In 2020 it presented a first prototype, and now we can see the final version: the Z-triton 2.0 that will go on sale at the end of the year.

This new version presents many improvements, which make the experience more pleasant.

The tricycle has been completely redesigned. Now it has a 1,000 W motor and a much higher seat, to pedal comfortably. In addition, additional safety measures have been added, such as rear shock absorbers, or disc brakes.

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Switching into ship mode only takes five minutes. Here a 1,150 W electric motor is used that is controlled with an N-shaped steering wheel. But in this version 2.0 some additional controls have been added to move the boat laterally, and control it better.

In total the bicycle has a range of 50 kilometers, and the boat of about 20 kilometers. But running out of battery is not a problem: you can pedal with the bike, or row with the boat.

The caravan allows two people to sleep inside (a bit cramped, yes). The Z-Triton 2.0 debuts new features such as a removable dining table, a little more space, a bluetooth radio, GPS, and a hole for luggage.

Unfortunately, the improvements have increased the price. Now it costs 14,500 euros, although it can also be rented.

If you want more information, take a look at their website.