The best bargains and offers of Lidl’s Valentine’s week

If you are in a relationship or in love with someone, surely February 14 is one that you have on your agenda. It is not for less, since Valentine’s Day is as important a day as Christmas for those who love or, at least, believe in these symbolic festivities.

There are many traditions for this date: giving flowers and chocolates, going out to dinner, buying that detail that your partner always wanted… But the reality is that on February 14 lovers can do whatever they want, since it is their appointed day.

For this reason, at LIDL they have decided that it is a good time to make a large selection of thematic products and reduce them to ridiculous prices, making this year’s gift much easier and cheaper. Without further delay, let’s go with our selection of 10 perfect bargains for Valentine’s Day:


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  • 700 W sandwich maker: to make two hot sandwiches at the same time. If you don’t have a plan and money is a problem, this LIDL sandwich maker only costs 9.99 euros and is perfect to give to your partner and premiere it that day.
  • 850 W breadmaker: With 16 programs and 3 browning levels, this 850 W breadmaker with fully automatic program sequence mixes, kneads, proofs and bakes. It costs only 49.99 euros at LIDL right now on sale.
  • Philips Pro Blend 400 W glass blender: with 4 knives and different speed levels it is perfect for making all kinds of milkshakes and now it only costs 39.99 euros, a very generous discount.
  • Tefal crepe pan 25 cm in diameter: As France is the country of love and the crepe is the traditional French dessert, what better than making some good crepes for your partner with the Tefal pan that LIDL has put on sale at only 9.99 euros. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.
  • 200 W electric vegetable grater: From the Moulinex brand, this electric vegetable grater with a button on the top and 5 different nozzles is perfect to have in the kitchen. It’s on sale for €49.99 which is a savings of almost 50%.
  • Smart Home Basic Set: Basic 3-pack lighting set for the Smart Home network consisting of 3 bulbs, a gateway and a remote control. Ideal for couples who want to illuminate the home with greater personalization, it costs only 56.99 euros. It’s worth it.
  • Black & Decker 18 V percussion drill: Because there is also a place for the most traditional gifts, such as a good drill that is always needed at home. It’s at its ideal price of 69.99 euros right now.
  • Men’s Lightweight Jacket: With padding made from 100% recycled material, this men’s lightweight jacket is ultralight and warm. It is for 13.99 euros and is ideal for this cold winter weather.
  • 240 W electric shaver: This Philips is a wet or dry electric shaver with 27 blades self-sharpening It costs 79.99 euros on sale, which represents a discount of 20% compared to its normal price.
  • Mini hair straightener 25 W: Ideal for travel, this mini straightener for 25 W hair is one of LIDL’s star products, great to take anywhere for its minimum price of 11.99 euros. Fantastic to give if our budget is tight.

With all these options, surely something saves you Valentine’s Day. Kitchen accessories, personal care tools, outerwear and even drills, great if either of you is a handyman.

And remember that Amazon also has its Valentine’s Day campaign full of options and gifts that, if you hurry, will arrive in time for February 14th.