The best cars without a license on the market

If you want to drive, but you don’t have a B license, don’t worry! It is already possible with cars without a license offered by different brands. Discover its features and benefits so that you can opt for the one that interests you the most.

Quadricycles are cars that can be driven with a motorcycle license. These are the best option for those drivers who do not have a type B license and who want to travel protected and more comfortable around the city. Next, we show you which are the best cars without a license on the market. Know more about Mercedes benz cl class ne shitje.

The best cars without a license on the market

If you are thinking of buying a car without a license, you should bear in mind that there are currently many options. Today you can find both combustion and electric engines at dealerships. These are the most interesting.

Microcar Mgo 6X

It is an agile model of small size so you can enjoy it in the city and park it easily. The new model includes a chassis with anti-intrusion bars that improve road safety and disc brakes on all four wheels.

Its engine has a two-cylinder, four-stroke engine that makes it adapt to low-emission protocols, so it is within the Euro5 regulations . It also has a very tight consumption of 3.6 liters per 100 kilometers .

The heat will not be a problem in this car since it has air conditioning in its DCI version, ergonomic seats made of eco-leather to make it more comfortable and a large interior space to be able to enjoy driving to the fullest.

Aixan City and Electric Coupe

Aixan is one of the most popular and sold brands of vehicles without a license. Among the best cars on this list are two of its models, the City and Coupé versions , both with 100% electric motors.

Its 6 Kw motor with Mavel technology and automatic gearbox reduces vibrations and makes it quieter. Its autonomy is between 75 and 110 kilometers thanks to its rechargeable lithium battery.

In addition to being efficient, they have good interior equipment thanks to their digital technology inside the cabin: 9-inch center console compatible with both Android and iOS applications and its 3.5-inch LCD touch screen. To all this we must add its ergonomic seats that help improve comfort and driving.

Eli Zero

This two-seater model has great equipment and autonomy, as well as a compact size: 2.25 by 1.38 meters. It has a 4KW motor that is capable of reaching 45 kilometers per hour . Among other features, its 12 and 13-inch wheels, 160-liter capacity trunk , air conditioning, LED lights, touch screen, USB ports and two battery versions stand out:

  • 5.8 Kwh battery with a range of 80 kilometers.
  • 8 Kwh battery with autonomy of 110 kilometers.

Chatenet CH46

It has a sporty design and is one of the models most aimed at the young public. It is a very compact car, 2.98 by 1.49 meters, with large doors that allow much more comfortable access. The base model features 14-inch wheels, front-wheel drive, and a 480-cubic-centimeter Lombardini Kohler engine.

So that you can choose the one that suits you best, it has 5 versions with very complete features so that you can enjoy different accessories.

  • CH46 Barooder – Features roof bars and a body raised off the ground, resembling those of SUVs.
  • CH46 Junior : it is the basic version in which electric windows, central locking and alloy wheels are included.
  • CH46 R: its interior details in red and its carbon dashboard make this its sportiest and most exclusive version.
  • CH46 SportLine – Includes rear view camera, 16-inch wheels, touch screen, and luxury interior trim.
  • CH46 Spring – It is equipped with diamond-finish wheels and fog lights.

Citroën Ami

It is comfortable and light in addition to presenting good performance on the road thanks to its 6Kw motor and its 5.5 KWh batteries that provide a range of 75 kilometers . It is compact and has a very complete equipment that includes a USB port and heating, as well as an exterior customization kit.

It is considered the most economical and aggressive proposal of this manufacturer in such a competitive vehicle segment. The Citroën Ami is light, with good performance and comfortable. Compared to any car without a license, it is very quiet and without annoying vibrations . Also, its acceleration is much faster than other cars.

Ligier JS 60 Extreme

Did you think that SUVs were only intended for the B license? Now you can enjoy this model with great finishes and design. One of its strong points is the size of its doors that allow much more comfortable access to the interior, which makes it the ideal vehicle for tall people . In its cabin you can find more ergonomic seats with which to enjoy driving to the fullest.

It is a vehicle adapted to Euro4 regulations thanks to its 6KW engine in two versions: direct injection DCI with electronic control and the Progress version. Both engines are designed to minimize vibrations and noise inside the vehicle.