The best MMORPG in history according

A few days ago, within the weekly debate that we regularly propose on our Discord server, we asked you the following question:

What is the best MMORPG in history and why?

A complicated question, of course, as always happens when it comes to choosing a single title from a genre with so many good proposals, but it is what it is. And today it’s time to review some of the best responses we’ve received.

We will start with Uno Heima, who told us the following:

“Because of the setting, history, visual aspect, music, gameplay, general operation, relationship with the community and all the care that was put into its reboot (the first version did leave a lot to be desired) and that continues to be put into every update: FINAL FANTASY XIV. An MMORPG wonder, and a Final Fantasy wonder.”

Lighter, water. But there are more opinions, of course. Like for example the one from kikitu, who left us this message:

“From my point of view the question is quite unfair. Despite the fact that there are many MMORPGs, for me it is World of Warcraft. I have never spent so many hours on a game and that day by day I had more fun, since its inception in the PvP and those Raids that were mounted in Tarren Mill of tug of war or those that were mounted for wanting to enter Molten Core, Blackwing Lair or Ahn’Qiraj until the first times you killed that Boss who had left your pocket in the ruin (Fucking C’Thun and Lich King).

Now I don’t know how things are, I left him shortly after Cataclysm and knowing that I had to kill Ragnaros again… I couldn’t handle that, it was too late, I wasn’t ready for that, but I did come back to be able to kill Deathwing and after that I only watched the cinematics, some little things to follow the thread of that rich lore that it has… but I wanted to never play it again, I had to sacrifice a lot of time for the sake of an increasingly tedious and repetitive progress .

To finish, I have to admit that Lost Ark is blowing my mind, I’ve already reached level 50 where everything starts to fall into place and now it’s time to “arm up”, but there are so many things to do that it overwhelms me.”

On the other hand, Nowed did not leave this terse message: “Perfect World before the first servers were capped”, while P607 also opted for a very short answer : “Albion Online is a non-linear MMORPG.”

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Our reader xbox pa kuando told us: “I think if we make a general balance, due to its influence, impact and lore, WoW. Although personally I’m a big fan of bdo”.

And we will close for today with the message that Ragde left us:

“I haven’t tried many, but personally I prefer ESO. It is the game that I have spent the most hours in my life (more than 2,000) and offers a huge amount of content, both alone and in company, that you can take years to discover. In addition, they do not stop updating it with new playable content and in a few months it will be translated into Spanish. The bad thing is that when you have been playing for a long time there are mechanics that can become tired or repetitive due to the limitations of the game itself, but as long as you like the saga or the genre, few games have I seen offer so many things for so long.”

Now, we leave the comments section at your entire disposal so that you can share your favorite MMORPG with the rest of the community. Thank you for participating.