The best paddle tennis rackets for beginners

Do you want to start playing padel? We tell you everything, from how to choose a racket to the list of the best paddle tennis rackets for beginners so that you can start this sport with an accurate hit.

Practicing any sport is an activity that everyone should have, as it is not only beneficial for physical health , but also for mental health and for the development of a wide variety of skills, depending on the discipline.

Padel is a cooperative sport between two players who face another team using paddles. This discipline emerged in 1990 and today is one of the most practiced sports in Spain, after football. Learn more about kupujem prodajem crna gora.

This sport is fun, active and social and that is why many people have been encouraged to practice it and in doing so they face the decision of which paddle tennis racket to buy as beginners. The main thing is that the paddle tennis racket adjusts to your level and your needs.

How to choose the best padel rackets for you?

Before showing you the list of the best paddle tennis rackets for beginners, we want to tell you about some general aspects that you must take into account when choosing your instrument to play this sport.

The first thing we recommend is not to choose your paddle tennis racket because it is the most expensive or because it is the one used by your favorite player, this is a mistake because you still do not have this level and you must choose a racket that suits your needs to that you can perform in the best way .

See below, the main points that you should consider when choosing your paddle tennis racket.

Your level as a player

Being aware of your level is key to choosing the best racket for you. According to your technique and your experience there are types of rackets that you can get the most out of.

Buying a padel racket consistent with your level of play will help you to have a better performance and to be able to level up and move on to other more advanced rackets .

Padel strokes you use

Here it is important that you analyze your style of play , particularly the strokes that you use the most in a padel match.

Thus, depending on whether you do layups, spikes, volleys or lobs, there is a suitable padel racket for you.

What is your position on the court

The position you play is also important. In this aspect you should consider if you play on the right, on the left or on both sides. Generally, the player on the left is more offensive and punchy and the one on the right is more defensive and controlling.

These distinctions are important to choose the appropriate padel racket for you.

game frequency

It is evident that the frequency of play is a determining factor when choosing your paddle tennis racket.

A shovel for a person who plays a few times a month is not the same as one who plays every week. The shovel is not the same for a person who does it as a hobby that he is training or participating in a competition .

Shapes of paddle tennis rackets for beginners

Round: the balance of this racket is low and its sweet spot is wide. They are manageable and have great control.

This padel racket is ideal for people looking to have more control rather than more punch or force. Being easy to handle, they are perfect for players who are just starting out in this sport.

Teardrop: this racket shape offers a balance between power and control. His balance is more to the center.

It’s ideal for all-rounders who play left and right, looking for control but power at the same time.

Diamond: these blades are characterized by having a flattened upper part. They have a high balance and their weight is in the upper part of the racket, which is why it offers greater force in the blow.

Its sweet spot is small and for this reason the player does not fully control the racket. It is not recommended for beginner players, instead it is ideal for powerful, offensive and experienced players.

Best paddle tennis rackets for beginners

We come to the interesting part, the list with the best paddle tennis rackets if you are a beginner player in this discipline.

In general, a beginner does not yet have a padel technique, so it is advisable that the sweet spot of the padel racket be wider to provide control and help the player progress.

The weight of the racket for a beginner is classified according to the type of player:

Men: weight between 360 and 370 grams.

Women: must not exceed 360 grams.

Children: the ideal weight is between 280 and 340 grams.

The main characteristics to look for a padel racket are weight, size, hardness and shape . Learn about the options below.

Shovel Adidas Carbon Gold

This racket is ideal for players looking for control without neglecting power .

This racket has a round shape and low balance. In addition, it has fiberglass faces that provide comfort to the player as it is a flexible material.

Shape: round with smooth surface, wide sweet spot.

Components: carbon fiber, fiberglass and EVA Soft rubber that gives the player better adaptability to the racket.

Characteristics: almost does not transmit vibrations. Ideal for beginners prone to muscular loads.

Shovel Bullpadel Flow Light

This racket is a versatile model thanks to a teardrop shape and contained balance that guarantees a good balance between control and power.

Due to its fiberglass material Polyglass has elasticity and good ball output.

This padel racket is ideal for beginner women looking for impact tolerance.

Shape: smooth surface with low balance.

Components: Evalastic, Polyglass and carbon frame.

Characteristics: great control, excellent comfort and tolerance when receiving impacts.

Shovel Babolat Counter Vertuo

This racket adapts to the needs of those players who are beginners, but who do not want to give up having a quality racket .

This shovel is round in shape, contained balance and wide point. It has soft and flexible fibers with elastic rubber, which generates great ball output and power.

Thanks to its lightness, balance and soft touch, discomfort and injuries are reduced.

Shovel Head Flash 2.0

This racket is ideal for beginning players who want to improve their game .

Shape: round with a wide sweet spot.

Characteristics: Provides great control, with little vibration.

Components: made of fiberglass in the frame and faces.

Shovel Dunlop Rocket

he shape of this padel racket is round and its most important feature is its comfort . It has a larger sweet spot that improves the sensations of players who want to optimize their game.

It is made of Graphite, which is a material with good resistance and comfort. At its core it has Pro Touch rubber that improves power without compromising control.

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