The best premiere movies and series (February 7-13)

We delve into February with a week in which, although there are not an inordinate number of releases, we do have the arrival of the first massive blockbuster with potential for 2022.

No That’s to say we haven’t had any interesting movies since the start of the year, but Tom Holland is back in theaters after blowing up the box office with Spider-Man: No Way Home, and there’s a lot of interest to see how it pans out. unfold as Nathan Drake.

This week, we will also attend the end of The Book of Boba Fett, which will air its last episode this Wednesday. On Thursday, The Peacemaker will prepare us for its finale with the penultimate episode.

Today at Hobbu Consolas, we review some of the best premiere movies and series arriving in Spain during the week between February 7 and 13, 2022.


Steven Soderbergh premieres this Thursday, February 10 his new movie, and it does so directly on HBO Max.

Kimi stars Zöe Kravitz, who we will see m Coming soon to The Batman as Catwoman.

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If you like series like Friends, The Sopranos or Game of Thrones, HBO Max has you has these and many more in her catalog.

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Kravitz plays an agoraphobic tech worker who uncovers evidence of a violent crime during a data stream review.

But soon will face many bureaucratic obstacles that will prevent her from advancing in the investigation, which will lead her to investigate this crime on her own in the only way she knows how.


This week we will see the return of Paul Thomas Anderson to the big screen with his new romantic comedy with dramatic touches: Licorice Pizza.

The film focuses on the romance between Alana Kane and Gary Valentine from the moment they meet until they they end up falling in love in the 1970s.

Licorice Pizza stars Alana Haim, Cooper Hoffman, Sean Penn, Tom Waits, Bradley Cooper, Ben Safdie, and Maya Rudolph.


As we have said, the Uncharted movie has the potential to become the first major release of 202 2, and lands in theaters this Friday, February 11.

Tom Holland becomes Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter long known to fans of the Naughty Dog saga.

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For his part, Mark Wahlberg will do the same as Victor “Sully” Sullivan , Nathan’s mentor who will see power in the young man.

The Uncharted movie will take place before the events seen in the video games, serving in a way as a prequel.



This week we have a good dose of animation. Netflix will bring the fourth season of (Dis)enchantment, the third series of Matt Groening.

Bean, Elfo and Luci continue their adventure through ieval through Dreamland, dealing with a host of wacky fantasy creatures.

The fourth season of (Dis)enchantment arrives on Netflix on Wednesday, February 9, with all its episodes.


And to end our list, another dose of animation for adults. This Wednesday also arrives on HBO Max the Smiling Friends series.

Related to the homonymous short film, Smiling Friends is focused on a company that is dedicated, plain and simple, to making others happy.

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Michael Cusack and Zach Hadel are in charge of the Smiling Friends series, with which they will transport us to a colorful and very bizarre world.

With this we conclude our review of some of the best premiere movies and series that land in Spain during the week between February 7 and 13, 2022.