The best weekly offers and bargains from the Lidl outlet

The German supermarket by reference returns with many discounts on a large number of products.

However, in this article we will focus on four of them, from different sections, so that there is something for everyone. Despite this, you can check the website yourself and take a look at its weekly discounts.

We will start with the portable battery and hand warmer, which we already talked about on another occasion, the Braun Silk-épil epilator 3170, the cordless straight screwdriver and we will finish with the 600 W food processor.

Zippo HeatBank 6

This is an ingenious device that, in addition to allowing us to recharge a mobile phone or any device we want, (since it has a USB connector), will allow us to keep our hands warm on days when let’s go skiing, to the mountains or simply in our houses it is too cold.

As for its specifications, we find a lithium battery 5200 MAH, which will give us an autonomy of up to 6 hours a 5V 1.5A micro-USB port for recharging and a 5V 1.5A USB port for charging.

The Lidl website currently sells it at a discount from 29.99 euros to 21.99 euros.

Braun Silk-épil 3170

One of the big discounts to highlight is the Braun Silk épil 3170 epilator, which works wirelessly, making it more comfortable to shave anywhere, without the need for a power outlet electric.

Ideal for beginners, thanks to gentle hair removal in a single pass. This device has a system of 20 tweezers that allows you to gently remove hair from the root. In addition, its Ultralight light makes the finest hair more visible to be able to remove it more easily.

Finally, the massage rollers help reduce pain during hair removal and are They adapt to each body contour.

It is available at a reduced price of 24.99 euros.

Cordless straight screwdriver

This is one of the great DIY bargains that you cannot miss out on. This rechargeable cordless straight screwdriver can be rotated for use in a straight position or in a pistol grip.

Its hexagonal bit holder is magnetic and, among the included accessories, it has 26 screwdriver bits and a magnetic bit holder.

It has a LED light with a front switch, a charge status indicator and an ergonomic handle with a soft coating. It is on sale for 14.99 euros.

600 W food processor

Finally, we have this 600W food processor. Available in two colours, white or pink, it allows us to choose up to 4 levels. We can mix, beat, mount and knead, according to the needs of each recipe.

It incorporates a removable bowl with a capacity of 3.8 liters equipped with an anti-splash lid so you are not afraid of dirtying the kitchen while you are preparing your food. The capacity of the glass is 1 liter and it also incorporates stainless steel kneading and mixing rods.

Its reduced price makes it a bargain. You have it available on the web for 44.99 euros.

Over the last few years, the German company has been firmly betting on its selection of small electrical appliances and technological gadgets, which are becoming more and more popular among consumers.

To stand up to Media Markt or Amazon, Lidl has decided that its philosophy is quality-price to stand out from its competitors and it seems that the strategy is not going bad at all.