The ‘big data’ in companies: the implementation of ‘data science’

There are many companies that see in data science , or data science, an essential action to continue their growth. The huge amount of information collected from your customers gives them the ability to perform unthinkable marketing actions manually . However, there is a crucial first step: implementation . In this article on the data big companies will present the possibilities offered by the big data for business .

Technological areas of ‘big data’

The first thing to take into account when implementing a strategy based on big data is to assess the amount of information available to the company or institution. If, after a previous study, it is established that the use of big data is feasible, it is very likely that the business structure will have to be changed, and focused on data storage, processing and analysis . This is precisely how data science can be applied : converting the large amounts of data in big data into information about users, customers and the target audience that is processed and analyzed correctly.


It is essential to have the right technology to store the data . Such a large amount of information cannot be supported by a common server. Thus, adapted hardware and software are the first step to apply big data in companies.


There is no use collecting and storing data if it cannot be processed later . In this sense, the use of a CRM is essential.


After having the ideal way to store and process the information, the key moment arrives: the analysis. Big data technology makes several tools available to companies that allow data to be analyzed intelligently .

How to implement big data in companies

Each company and each sector has different needs and pursues different objectives. Therefore, it is important to seek advice to study case by case in a personalized way. However, in broad strokes, it is possible to make an outline of what it means to implement big data in companies.

1. Analyze the possibilities offered by ‘big data’ for the business

The knowledge and training about the data big is crucial, not only for the marketing team, but of all who make up the company.

2. The ‘big data’ in business strategy

Once the relevant analysis has been carried out and it has been verified that the use of big data will be favorable for the company, it is time to integrate the use of data into the business strategy and involve, again, all departments.

3. ‘Big data’ in companies: new KPIs

The definition of the KPIs is essential to know if the actions that are carried out are going in the right direction. What does the company intend to achieve with the implementation of big data ? What are the objectives?

It is necessary to assess different aspects to know the potential of big data for companies:

  • Know the client: their needs, their tastes and their desires.
  • Understand how the market works and analyze the competition.
  • Personalize all communications with customers, from the message on the website to the shipments of loyalty programs or communications on social networks.
  • Develop the user experience on the website, the app or the social networks in order to improve it continuously.
  • Improve internal communication and organization of the company.
  • Create new products reducing risks.
  • Improve business security.

4. Discard junk data

When you collect data, you collect too much information, too much. For this reason, it is advisable to eliminate or discard those data that are incomplete or duplicated, for example.

5. Have the right technology

Both to collect the data, and to store, process and analyze it, it is essential to have the technology capable of helping in these tasks. For this, digital transformation becomes essential: elements such as the cloud, the IoT (‘internet of things’) or social business come into play to apply data science techniques at the service of the company.

In the digital age, the use of big data in companies can turn their annual results by 360º, but for this it is necessary that its members know the objectives and be aware of the technological change they are facing. Although it may seem like a difficult mountain to climb, the implementation of strategies based on big data and managed by an expert team can help to get the most out of a business .

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