The controversial Agony Unrated is still missing on Steam, is there a solution?

Agony Unrated is no longer on Steam. The uncensored version of the horror title has not only disappeared as a bonus, but has also bid goodbye to players’ libraries. In other words, it is not possible to download it even if you had it previously. Faced with this situation, Madmind Studio has announced that they are already talking to Steam to obtain new keys that allow the deleted copies to be restored.

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Is Agony Unrated coming back?

The truth is that Agony Unrated is a canceled version that was offered as a bonus to those who purchased the original version. As explained by the study in a statement, both products were linked, but Valve has decided to unlink them without prior notice. Now, the company offers different discounted bundles depending on the region: “Depending on the minimum price that each region allows”, the discounts range from 65% to 95%.

“It should be noted that this is a temporary solutionl and the only option available to us using our tools. We are, however, in contact with Steam and GOG to request a significant number of keys for Agony Unrated.” The developers remind that studios cannot generate “a large number of keys without providing the platform owner with a good reason.”

The idea, therefore, is to get Steam to generate new keys so that all users who have lost their copy can enjoy it again in their respective libraries. From Madmind Studio they remember that they will update the situation through their Discord channel. Presumably they will also continue to post updates on the Agony Steam page

Agony is a visceral and controversial horror game that generates its levels randomly. At FreeGameTips we rated it a 6 and came to the conclusion that many of its mechanics didn’t work well. You can read the analysis at this link.

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