The creator of Gravity Rush wants to bring the saga to PC and make the third part

Last February 8, 2022, it was 10 years since the launch of Gravity Rush, one of the last jewels that Japan Studio gave us. strong> and Keiichiro Toyama. On the occasion of such an important date, Toyama himself has granted an interview to the Gravity Rush Central portal in which he has spoken about the future of the saga and has dropped that he would love to work on a hypothetical third installment.

“Obviously I would like to. Even if it’s not a new game. If there’s an opportunity for me to get involved in something related to Gravity Rush, I’d be grateful to do it “Declared the designer, who has even dropped what kind of “related” projects he would like to see in case Gravity Rush 3 were impossible. “It would also be nice to open up the game to more users with a PC version. And it would be great to see Gravity Rush 2 running at 60fps.”

From Gravity Rush to Slitterhead

The statements are very different from the ones Toyama made in his day after finishing the second installment. At that time, although he did not close any doors, he said he was exhausted and wanted to take a break to do something different . Now his words would excite any fan of Kat and Dusty , but they may come a little late, because after all Toyama is no longer part of Sony .

The designer left the company and founded his own developer in 2020. Called Bokeh Game Studio, with it he wanted to return to the horror genre with which he began his career ( so linked to Silent Hill and the Siren saga). His first genre video game was announced at The Game Awards 2021. It’s called Slitterhead and it even features Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka . Little is known about him beyond the event trailer, but the creative has also had a few words about himself in the Gravity Rush interview.

“Compared to Silent Hill and Siren, the action has more weight in Slitterhead. We have applied a lot of the things we learned from Gravity Rush in that sense. of Slitterhead where you could glimpse some of that DNA.”

Be that as it may, the ball is in Sony’s court…

Source: Gravity Rush Central