The cricket flour and all the products that it brings with it and we will see in the supermarket

For more than five years we have had information on the use of insects as protein or flour. The debate and research have been important, but progress has been made for a long time and in Brussels they have authorized three insects as food: the mealworm, the migratory locust and, now, the domestic cricket.

Much more than a fad, these are a source of energy that is widely used in other cultures and whose differences in flavors are barely noticeable when producing some foods. In addition, they are more sustainable than other products.

The fact is that after the recent approval of the domestic cricket, known as acheta domesticus, it is expected that supermarkets will receive more foods that include it among its ingredients, especially when used as flour.


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As Cadena SER points out, this cricket flour is especially healthy as it provides an extra protein content (they have around 70%) without changing the aroma and flavor of the food. At the moment it is used together with other types of flour that are mixed with cricket flour in the appropriate proportion.

As for the products that will contain cricket flour, there can be numerous and in all of them any change that they could produce in consumer perception is masked.

These would be bread, energy bars, pizza dough, pasta, snacks, appetizers, granola… Some cooks already use it and in general the results are satisfactory.

Do not forget that being flour itself any rejection is avoided, no trace of the insect is seen. It is a way to put an end to the images that may come to mind when thinking about the use of insects in our diet.

In any case, any food that contains this type of ingredient will indicate it on its labeling to avoid problems with people who are allergic or of any other type.