The danger that more and more countries require a visa from Venezuelans

The list of countries requesting visas for citizens of Venezuela continues to grow only in the Americas and because of this they are increasingly it is more difficult to migrate. Along with these lists, the costs of an orderly and legal exit have also grown, leading to scenes like the most recent: the death of a one-year-old boy shot by the Trinidad and Tobago coast guard when on a boat He and about 20 other people were trying to get to the island by boat.

The Venezuelan migration crisis is the second most serious in the world and the first most important in the region in many years This is confirmed by political scientist Ángel Medina, who has been in charge of analyzing the regional situation with a focus on migration and the response of multilateral organizations.

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The Netherlands Antilles: Aruba, Curaçao and Saint Martin; Canada, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, the United States, Suriname, El Salvador, Saint Lucia, Trinidad, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Mexico and Belize require a visa for Venezuelans, procedures that are in themselves expensive. For example, to apply for aUS visa, it is necessary to travel to another country because the embassy in Caracas is closed.

As the economic crisis deepens, it is causing Venezuelans who had not even planned to leave the country to seek to do so

Also, the lack of direct flights closes the possibilities even more and mistreatment grows, as Medina recounts what happens with the compatriots who arrive at Mexico or the Dominican Republic.

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The Organization of American States says that as of September 2020 there is an average between 700 and 900 Venezuelans who daily pass through illegal roads, almost 1,000 people who daily leave through unofficial steps, recalls the political scientist and former deputy of the National Assembly.

Border violence

The last quarter of 2021 closed with an increase in violence in the border states. According to the organization FundaRedes, 210 homicides were reported, 51 alleged clashes that left 67 deaths by state security agencies, along with 60 disappearances or kidnappings.

This report corresponds to the states Amazonas , Apure, Bolívar, Falcón, Táchira and Zulia. In addition, violence increased 19 percent in the number of homicides, compared to the previous quarter, which amounted to 176 cases.

was the entity with the most homicides with 95 victims ; followed by the state of Bolívar with 53; Falcon with 32; Tachira 18; Rush 10 victims and Amazonas two.