The DeLorean will return… as an electric car

Few cars are more linked to our childhood and adolescence than the mythical DeLorean, an icon thanks to its leading role in the Back to the Future trilogy and which, however, when analyzed as a business product, was a real disaster with cost overruns, missed deadlines, low-quality materials, components with a very short useful life… Without a doubt, this is one of the cases in which memory has made us preserve the good, leaving the bad in a second, third or even fourth plane.

Yes, yes, they can tell us about the thousand and one mistakes of the business journey associated with the car, but it is enough to see it, see how its gull doors open, so that many (among which I include myself) go crazy for being able to enter and drive it, in addition to taking a million photos of us in all kinds of poses around it. And just to make the fervor I’m talking about clear, as a general rule I don’t like being photographed at all.

On the other hand, we live in times in which nostalgia sells, it sells a lot, which is why we are witnessing the return of many iconic elements from previous decades, especially the last of the last century… And isn’t it an exercise in coherence that the DeLorean, which traveled so much in time in the 1980s, travels back in time to reach our present?

Well, those seem to be the plans of DeLorean Motors Reimagined LLC, a company whose commercial focus you can easily deduce from its name, and which has published a tweet with what we could consider a teaser of the return of the DeLorean CMD-12. Of course, unlike other occasions in which a special edition has been produced, such as the one we told you about in 2017, on this occasion it seems that this reinvention of the legendary car will come with homework well done, to adapt to our present that, for him, at the moment it is the future.

And it is that, following the global trend, this new DeLorean in which the company would be working will be electric, from what we can deduce from one of the hashtags in the message. We do not know, yes, if it will be 100% electric or its manufacturer will have opted for a hybrid solution. They could have considered running on hydrogen, but for that they would previously have had to go to 2030 or even later, to see if hydrogen will finally win the war against electricity in the motor world. Fortunately, yes, it no longer uses nuclear fuel, as in the first of the films.

Be that as it may, what we cannot expect is for it to be an economical vehicle. The DeLorean DMC-12 with its gullwing doors has always been a fairly exclusive car, and the fact that another of the tags found in the message is #luxurycar invites us to think that this case will not be an exception to the rule either.

In any case, those responsible have managed to arouse the attention of half the world with this announcement, and that simply anticipates the return of a mythical car, but without revealing its details, except that it will be electric. What do you think we can expect? Could this new DeLorean capture some of the popularity that now falls on Tesla? And, in an exercise in nostalgia and imagination: what car would you like to see come back from the past, but adapted to these times?