The difficult and spectacular Sifu triumphs selling half a million copies in three days

Sifu, the martial arts action game that just released on PS5, PS4 and PC, has been a huge success. In the first three days (it came out on Tuesday, February 8), more than half a million copies were sold, as confirmed by its Sloclap studio today.

On consoles, it is exclusive to PlayStation, but it is also on PC, something that has been very important to reach an audience outside of consoles. As confirmed, China is the country where more copies of Sifu for PC have been sold.

More than half a million people are enjoying Sifu’s fights, one of the best games to transferthe type of Asian martial arts movies to an interactive medium, with very natural animations and combos in what is essentially a beat ’em up like the ones of yesteryear, but in 3D.

In our review of Sifu we tell you all the benefits of Sifu, a game that is really engaging and has very surprising mechanics, such as the protagonist aging on his way to revenge.

It is a very difficult game, which can be frustrating at first, especially with the very tough bosses endings. If you thought gaming these days was too easy, Sifu gives you two slaps of reality.

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Prior to its release, Sloclap also released a live-action short film directed by a martial arts director.

Previously, Sloclap released Absolver, a similar action game and which was multiplatform, although Sifu has had much more impact, thanks to the support of Sony in its promotion, which released it in several State of Play presentations.

Sifu begins a round month for PlayStation together with Horizon Forbidden West, which comes out next week and today has released a new cinematic trailer. These are the most promising PS4 and PS5 exclusive games of 2022.