The fines of up to 1,000 euros that can be put on you if you go on a scooter and they stop you at a control

We have written a lot about electric scooters, vehicles that now populate cities thanks to their price, their almost free maintenance, their speed on the road and how easy they are to store and transport.

They emerged almost a decade ago and in all these years the number of units has not stopped growing. Along with its popularity, administrations have been legislating on the matter. This has meant that they have gone from living in legal limbo to being highly controlled.

For this reason, the DGT reminds us through its magazine of the sanctions that traffic agents can impose on us if we do not We act legally and correctly with the scooters. These are all the fines that can fall on you if you are responsible:

  • Alcohol and drugs: Users of personal mobility vehicles are obliged to submit to alcohol and drug tests, being sanctioned with the same economic amount as if they were driving another vehicle , in case of exceeding the alcohol limits (€500 or €1,000).
  • Use of mobile phones: Being vehicle drivers, they are prohibited from driving using the phone manually mobile or any other communication system. The penalty would be €200 (article 18.2 of the RGC).
  • Headphones: They are also prohibited from driving using helmets or headphones connected to sound receiving or reproducing devices. If they are detected, they will be charged with €200 (article 18.2 of the RGC).
  • Helmet and other protective elements: In the absence of regulation at this time in the General Circulation Regulations, the use of these elements will be governed by the provisions of the corresponding Municipal Ordinance. In the event that the Ordinance regulates the mandatory use of a helmet, the agent will sanction €200.


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  • They are prohibited from circulating on sidewalks and pedestrian areas: Article 121 of the RGC prohibits the circulation of any vehicle on sidewalks (except skateboards, skates or similar devices that do so exclusively at the pace of a person) being punishable by €200.
  • Without a passenger: VMPs and other electrically propelled light vehicles are only authorized to transport one person, so the circulation of two people in VMP is punishable by a €100 fine (article 9.1.5.E of the RGC).
  • Reflective clothing or lighting system: It will be considered negligent driving and, therefore, Therefore, it is punishable when driving at night without lighting or reflective clothing or elements, since in these cases, the driver does not take the necessary diligence to be seen by other drivers or the necessary precautions to avoid putting himself in danger. The corresponding penalty is €200 (article 3.1 of the RGC)


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  • Stops and parking lots: The municipal ordinances establish the prohibitions related to the stops and parking lots of these vehicles. From the DGT, it is advocated that the sidewalk be pedestrian, but its regulation is exclusively municipal.
  • Sanctions for minors: In cases of infractions committed by minors under 18 years of age , parents, guardians, foster parents and legal or de facto guardians, will be jointly and severally liable for the infraction committed by the minor.

As you can see, it is no nonsense to break the current regulations, because the fines reach up to 1,000 euros. Be careful and comply with the rules, for everyone’s safety and for your own pocket.