The first Steam Deck previews arrive and, according to them, it has a big drawback

Not long ago the new Steam Deck release date was finally confirmed. Luckily, we won’t have to wait long for the new Valve machine to arrive, which, honestly, I’m really looking forward to. And that I don’t have it reserved, nor do I think I’m going to buy it soon since I have too many platforms to play on and too many pending games to complete. But still, I’m looking forward to its release.

This is how big Steam Deck is compared to Switch, PS Vita and a thousand other gadgets

To this day, I still see the design and premise of the Steam Deck itself, which is to have a PC in a handheld console (even if it’s a bit bigger than a Nintendo Switch) and well, play any game from PC on said platform but without having a powerful PC itself. It catches my attention, without a doubt, but the first previews are already coming out and it seems that they are taking out a snag that is very important to take into account.

This is what one-of-the-early-steam-deck-previews-says

It has been the colleagues of VGC who have collected data from one of the first Steam Deck previews, carried out by the YouTube channel LinusTechTips. I leave you the details below:

  • He says that the most remarkable thing about the console is its performance. I am going to talk about what they have said, although it is worth mentioning that they were only allowed to talk about some specific titles such as Forza Horizon 5, Control or Street Fighter V, among others ?
    • Control worked very well at 60 FPS on low
    • Devil May Cry 5 worked very well too, even at 80 FPS
    • However, Forza Horizon 5: “Animation stays true to frame rate, but the experience of playing the game is jerky and jarring” says Linus
  • On the other hand, they say that the screen is very good. Of course, that of the Switch OLED is better and the resolution can be improved, but it is a very good screen ?
  • But the big drawback is that says that some buttons are uncomfortable to use, something that is a problem considering that it is a portable console and, precisely, comfort should prevail ?
  • Of course, he says that the joysticks are sublime ?
  • Another small drawback he points out is that the cable that comes with the Steam Deck is quite short and that you will probably end up buying one ?