The most terrifying Soviet Union: Atomic Heart reveals its launch window for PlayStation, Xbox and PC

Few atmospheres more disturbing and full of surprises have we ever encountered than that of Atomic Heart. Mundfish’s work takes us to an alternative version of the Soviet Union during the 1950s and to round off the play, an accident causes the robots to rebel against humanity.

Finally, the studio has revealed what we’ve been waiting for so long. Atomic Heart will arrive at the end of 2022 for both PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC, so you can already write down its launch on the agenda. Of course, they have left us with honey on our lips by not mentioning exactly on what day or month we will be able to see it, but we do know that it will arrive from the first moment on Xbox Game Pass. Here below you have the new trailer with which they have given us.

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Our task on the construction site will be to prevent such a mechanized threat from spreading beyond the technological complex in which we find ourselves. There are many types of threats, so you will have to learn the behavior of the enemies and how they relate to each other. Using a huge variety of weapons we will be able to liquidate them, since practically any object that we find can be used as a weapon.

Collecting resources will be essential, as will knowing the lives of the employees and the secrets they hide. Sure, that’s as long as Kollektiv, a hive mind of robots, doesn’t detect you and sends all its forces against you. If you are familiar with the soundtrack, you are not wrong, it is the composer Mick Gordon, who has worked on the Doom saga.