The Ms. Marvel Series Could Have a Big Connection to a Key MCU Movie

This year Ms. Marvel, one of the next Marvel Cinematic Universe series whose plot focuses on a completely new character, adapting the character’s story to the small screen, will arrive in the Disney Plus catalog. from Marvel Comics.

At the moment not many details are known about the Ms. Marvel series, knowing that it will focus on the origins of this new teenage superheroine who plays Iman Vellani.

Thus, the Marvel Studios series tells the story of Kamala Khan, a young Muslim woman who is accidentally hit by a beam of energy that will grant her some magical powers through some bracelets.

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Unlike the comics, the Inhumans will not be discussed in the series, so the character of Kamala has been given very different origins compared to her paper version.

While Ms. Marvel’s abilities will be more or less the same as in the comics, this time they are derived from magic and not technology based on the Terrigen Crystals.

As usual, the productions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are connected to a greater or lesser extent with other titles of the Marvel Studios movies and series, and Ms. Marvel will not be an exception.

As well as being connected to the upcoming The Marvels movie, the Ms. Marvel series could also have a big connection to a key movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

At least This is how it is dropped in the new photos that have come to light from the filming of Ms. Marvel, where we see its protagonist escape from u us drones that suspiciously resemble the ones used by Quentin Beck / Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

After the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, many have wondered if Mysterio really is dead or if it was one of his illusionary tricks to frame Spider-Man for his murder by revealing his true identity to the world.

Now, the Ms. Marvel series could bring back Mysterio as one of the villains that Kamala will have to face. Although it is also possible that it is another villain who is using Mysterio’s drones (as long as they are the same drones, of course).

Still without a specific release date, it is The Ms. Marvel series is expected to be available in the Disney Plus catalog throughout the summer of 2022. In the meantime, here are some of the best movies you can watch in 2022 on Disney Plus.