The mystery of the dismembered feet found on the beaches of Canada and the US

In 2007, a girl walking along the shores of Salish Beach in Canada stumbled upon a missing shoe. It happened on August 20 of that year, and the little girl was enjoying the end of summer with her family.

However, this discovery would change a quiet day with her family enjoying the sea, when turning her shoe over, she discovered that she still had the foot of a human. A foot completely separated from the rest, since there were no traces of the body.

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Since that episode, the beaches of Vancouver in Canada and the State of Washington on the northwestern coast of the United States have been periodically besieged by arrival of dismembered feet. With the reporting of the first foot found to the authorities, an investigation was launched, which was just beginning when another foot was reported, this time in Vancouver.

This shoe brought with it new information for the case , because the brand of the shoe was not the same as the previous one found. It couldn’t even belong to the same person, since the size of the foot was different from the other.

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For the residents of these beaches, the theories were piling up; they suspected that it could be a ritual, a ‘performance’ or joke with special effects. But the one that generated the most anxiety was, without a doubt, the suspicion that he could be a serial killer.

The official investigation continued, but several months passed before any more dismembered feet turned up. But in the middle of winter, in February of the following year, another foot with its corresponding stockings and shoes was sighted.

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So it was happening, and over the years 21 shoes were accumulated, with dismembered feet. In total, until 2016, there were 15 feet in the Canadian area and 6 in the US coast. With a sample of this magnitude, it should have been possible to establish a modus operandi, if it was a case of serial murders.

But it was far from reality, since there were men’s and women’s feet, left and right shoes. With these variations it was not possible to have a clear criminal profile. What all the feet shared, however, was that they had not been cut with tools, but rather appeared to have been ripped from the body.

The mystery is solved

Thanks to the people search DNA bank, the identities of the owners of some of these feet. Another detail could be confirmed that related to the victims of this sordid dismemberment, several had disappeared during depressive episodes. Suspicion began to turn to the possibility that they were suicides.

The answer to this mystery of the lost shoes may be that when they jumped into the sea, these people were at the mercy of the elements. Species of scavenging fish live in the water that usually attack by the joints, and with their constant bites, they completely separated the feet from the bodies that sank in the waves.

The Canadian Police Investigation Center maintains that it is probable that the feet reach the shores of the beaches due to the peculiarities of the footwear. The waves ended up drag the shoes, due to their weight, towards the narrow coasts between the two countries.

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Now, In 2019 a new foot was found, something that had not happened for three years. It was found in the strait of Puget Sound, on a beach in the United States. Thanks to DNA records, it was possible to identify that it came from a young woman who had disappeared three years ago.

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