The new Harry Potter mobile game that aims to be a success

How big of a fan are you of the world of Harry Potter? I’m a big fan, despite the fact that there are many details that escape me today. So I guess I fall into the fan group to dry. That, by the way, let’s see if they announce the release date of Hogwarts Legacy, it’s about time. Something that they have announced and that will make more than one happy is the arrival of Harry Potter: Magic Emerge to the whole world.

Hogwarts Legacy may have mistakenly leaked its exact release date

For those who don’t know (I didn’t know either), Harry Potter: Magic Emerges is a video game for mobile devices that was a complete success in China. And I hope that success continues to grow. It has already been announced that the game will be launched this year. I’ve seen your trailer and it looks good. Let’s see what you think.

All the details of Harry Potter: Magic Emerges

  • The companies in charge of the game are Warner Bros. Games and NetEase ?
  • Today they have wanted to announce the arrival of Harry Potter: Magic Emerges to everyone ?
  • This is a free game for mobile devices and is based on collectible cards ?
  • This game has a multiplayer mode for wizard duels, and the role and strategy are other fundamental pillars in it ?
  • I leave you with its trailer below ?
  • As usual, we will start the game as young wizards or witches. And we can customize our character ?
  • The game will have several emblematic moments, such as the possibility of buying in Diagon Alley or being assigned a House by the Sorting Hat ?
  • Starting now, anyone can pre-register on Google Play or on the official game page to receive a notification on the day the game is released ?
  • It Plus, if you pre-register, you’ll receive exclusive rewards on launch day ?