The new non-English speaking series that reaches number 1 on Netflix is ??just what we expected

After the enormous success of The Squid Game, Netflix has pulled (even more) for Korean productions to try to reap the same result, having announced 24 Korean releases for this 2022.

Among the recent Korean Netflix productions we have We are dead, a series directed by Lee Jae-Gyu and Kim Nam-Soo whose plot is very reminiscent of the anime Highschool of the Dead, only without “fanservice” involved.These are the best tablets to watch movies and series

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Based on a popular webcomic, the series We Are Dead is about a group of high school students who, because one of the students is bitten by a guinea pig carrying a virus, turns into a zombie and begins to slaughter the rest of the students.

Faced with this situation, a small group of students will try by all means to survive this invasion of the undead and be able to escape from the center >. But the virus is spreading by leaps and bounds to the point that practically the entire city has succumbed to the attack of zombies.

Soon the series We are dead has swept half the world and already threatens to be the new Game of the squid, being right now in the most watched of Netflix.

As collected by Entertainment Weekly, We are dead is right now in the number 1 position of the most watched of Netflix , passing only a week since the series premiered on the platform.

Although The Squid Game took only four days to reach the top, We are dead is not a small thing either, being the second South Korean production to reach the top on Netflix.

Seeing the success of the series, it seems more than evident that Netflix will give the green light to a second season of We are dead so that fans continue to enjoy this “zombie apocalypse in high school”. Meanwhile, here we leave you all the series and new seasons confirmed by Netflix for this 2022 so that you are well aware of everything that is to come on the platform.