The next Windows 11 update will fix a problem with the time that misleads users

Although Windows 11 has been available on many computers for months, the truth is that there are some aspects that are still being corrected after seeing the responses from users. An example can be found in those that use several monitors and the lack of a detail that misleads them.

On computers with Windows 11 you can also work with multiple monitors, the problem is that the time and date do not appear by default except on the main one. An unimportant detail for some, but a nuisance for those who work with these teams and have to be aware of the time at all times.

Microsoft has published the list of new features added to the new version that has been sent to users who are testing features before anyone else. In that list is this point: “We add the clock and date to the taskbars of other monitors when you connect other monitors to your device”.

As The Verge recalls, Microsoft has already announced that the Windows 11 February update was going to be more important than those of other months and it seems that it is close to being released.

The date and time will be added to the different monitors, something very necessary, but there are also perhaps more important changes, such as a redesign of the Notepad and the Player, changes in the taskbar, public preview of Android applications for Windows, changes in Microsoft Teams…

How to install Windows 11 from scratch

After a first moment in which the new design of Windows 11 stood out above all, the path of this operating system seems to be taking place slowly and every couple of months there are new features to highlight.

At the moment there is no announced date for this next Windows 11 update, but it will surely not take too long to reach all computers.

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