The OCU is clear: “If they charge you, change banks”

Recently, the media world turned to the retired man who asked the banks that the elderly be treated with respect and dedication, after years of constant abandonment and degraded services.

For them to be attended at the branches, everything was a problem, they were referred to the website and to processes that were difficult to understand if you are not a digital native. The reason is none other than to save costs, a strategy that banks have strictly followed for a decade.

This has caused branches to be closed, thousands to be laid off of employees and that, as a consequence, all banking procedures and processes are carried out through a telematic process. That is, from the bank’s application without human supervision.That costs money.

Well, on this the Organization of Consumers and Users has a formed opinion. Especially in relation to the collection of all types of operations by the bank.

According to the OCU, the withdrawal of cash at the branch by customers should be considered a basic financial service and, as such, must be included in the cash service and without being able to apply additional commissions.

The Bank of Spain sees this lawful practice, giving the green light so that any bank can charge us for withdrawing money at a branch. And for this reasonthe OCU itself asks that it rectify its criteria, since it clearly harms the most vulnerable consumers.


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According to the organization, this type of practice leads to the financial exclusion of the most vulnerable groups, which is why they have asked that the physical banking service be considered a basic and universal service, and that the State guarantee that it reaches the entire population.

The OCU is clear about this: If they charge you, change banks. From the organization they encourage the clients of the entities that charge for this type of commission that they do not want or cannot use ATMs, to opt for another account or bank that does not charge for withdrawing money at the teller window.