The price of the 128GB iPhone 13 falls, which is on sale at Amazon with a €65 discount

Good news for all those Apple users who are reluctant to buy the current iPhone at its launch and prefer to wait a few months for the price to drop, and the time has come, at least in one of the online stores Reference: Amazon.

The new 128GB iPhone 13 is already on sale and drops to only 845 euros, about 65 euros below its original price. It is at this price in blue, probably the most demanded, although there are others like pink that are even cheaper, yes, with the problem of lack of stock and shipping within a month.

Amazon is without a doubt one of the stores that offers the most confidence for expenses of this type, and that is because the after-sales service is excellent, but not only that, but it also offers the option of contracting Apple Care+ during the purchase process. purchase, a manufacturer’s insurance that covers damage due to accidents on the screen and much more.

iPhone 13

The new iPhone 13 includes an OLED screen, the new A15 Bionic processor, a larger battery and 2 x 12-megapixel cameras with 47% better low-light performance.

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We have been able to subject the iPhone 13 to analysis, with excellent results in absolutely all areas, especially due to the power provided by the Apple A14, a top-level processor that guarantees that the mobile works at all times Like a shot.

In addition, for a generation, it has added details that few mid-range mobiles can offer, such as the OLED screen, WiFi 6 and 5G, all together, and that in some cases it justifies the extra outlay to buy an iPhone.

The photo and video camera, with 4K resolution, offers outstanding results day and night, one of the prides of Apple, which has been boasting of the photographic quality of its mobile phones for a decade and each year gives a another step forward in all your new phones.Telegram on Telegram

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One thing that makes users remain faithful to the Cupertino firm is that not only do their products have a fairly long durability, but they also don’t lose value so quickly, so if in the future you want to change them for another new model you can still get a good price for your iPhone.

As with almost all Amazon orders, you will not have to pay shipping costs anywhere in Spain, they go included in the price. Yes, there is a way to speed up delivery, and that is to sign up for a month of free trial without permanence.