The quota of subsidized gasoline in La Guajira is increased to 150 thousand gallons

After several hours of agreement, the departmental strike of La Guajira was definitively lifted, after the signing of new commitments that will allow the National Government to comply with the agreements signed in 2019.

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Through the strike, which lasted almost two days, an increase of 150,000 gallons in the quota of subsidized gasoline was achieved, the injection of resources for the improvement of the Río Pereira – Cuestecitas road, the revision of the works and the strengthening of the public force.


For the signing of the agreements, three round tables were held: transportation; health, education, security and migration and the table of mines and hydrocarbons.

The deputy ministers of Energy, Miguel Lotero; Transportation, Olga Lucía Ramírez; of the Interior, María Paola Suárez; and the National Deputy Director of Invías, Ricardo Baez, among other officials.

The governor of La Guajira, Nemesio Roys, the mayors, the Police and the Army were also present as guarantors.

The agreed commitments

On the issue of improving the Río Pereira – Cuestecitas road section, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of the Ministry of Transport and the National Institute of Roads (Invías) announced that it is 68 percent complete in execution.

To date, 70,100 million pesos have been invested and in 2022 it is expected that an additional 32,400 million will be executed, to reach an investment of 102,500 million, according to official figures.

At this point, it was agreed to hold a work table on February 9 to review the studies and designs of the national pass through Fonseca.

Furthermore, the deputy minister, together with members of Invías and the committee, will carry out a technical review of the road on February 15 to look at the repairs that have been made, with the purpose of correcting and remedying what is in poor condition under review.

Invías announced the availability of 550 million pesos within the framework of the execution of the contract, to invest in at least one municipal institution in the area of ??influence of the road corridor.

The subsidized gasoline quota

We put a proposal to increase the quota by an additional 150 thousand gallons, coming from a reallocation that was made of all the quotas nationwide


Regarding the subsidized gasoline quota, an agreement was reached with the Deputy Minister of Energy to optimize the allocation of quotas for seven municipalities in the south of La Guajira, which will represent an increase of 150 thousand gallons in the aggregate for the seven territorial entities.

“We put forward a proposal to increase the quota by an additional 150,000 gallons, coming from a reassignment that was made of all the quotas at the national level,” said the Vice Minister of Energy.

Additionally, It was agreed to hold a meeting with the 15 mayors to review the possibility of a redistribution of quotas that would allow the transfer of fuel volume by these territorial entities to the seven southern municipalities and the case of Dibulla.

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Increase in foot strength will be analyzed

In terms of security, the Ministry of the Interior will notify the Ministry of Defense and the Commander General of the Armed Forces of the community’s request to increase the force a.

Coordinated joint work will be carried out at the head of the municipal authorities with the participation of the Security and Citizen Coexistence Oversight at a national level, focusing on the points of greatest insecurity in each local jurisdiction.

The security cameras of the municipalities of Fonseca, Maicao and Villanueva will also be evaluated and the prison and penitentiary situation will be analyzed.

Likewise, it is expected that meetings will be held this month with the Ministries of Education, Health and Housing.

Eliana Mejía Ospino
Special for EL TIEMPO

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