The reaction of Álex Char’s wife to Aida Merlano’s statements

Katia Nule, wife of presidential candidate Alejandro Char, spoke out this Tuesday morning about the recent statements and images that have come to light about Aida Merlano.

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“They say that the past has been stepped on, and to the present in front. And so it must be. That is why I want to tell you that all this information that has come out lately is not new for me or for my family,” said the former first lady of Barranquilla.

This is how the first known declaration of Nule began, since former congresswoman Merlano’s confessions about her contacts and closeness with Álex Char.

The woman, who appears in a video broadcast in recent hours on social networks, maintained that the information is old, “but above all outdated.”

The rejection of recent events

This is not my first political campaign, I know how this works

“I understand that many issues come up in political campaigns, a lot of information comes out. And I know, because this is not my first political campaign, I know how this works. However, there is an issue that should be untouchable, which is the family,” he said.

He rejected and confessed that it causes him “a lot of pain” that people use these facts to “pass above feelings. In addition, he thanked all the people for the messages of support, strength and solidarity.

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“People who know me know that all this information is not going to destabilize me , it will not affect me, it will not break me or my family,” said the former queen of the Barranquilla Carnival.

Finally, Nule invited Colombians, supporters and “ to those who want to live in a country of opportunities” that do not get sidetracked, do not let yourself be deconcentrated and work with respect.