The redesign of Google Pay that reaches all Android devices and makes it easier to select the NFC card to use

Google has been improving GPay to offer a more complete digital wallet. The company released a redesigned app last year and recently expanded its support to more countries. Now, users are getting a new update that makes it easier to access their NFC payment cards.

Several American media have recently observed that the Google Pay application has changed to offer a more prominent button for contactless cards, or contactless, at the top of the interface (the goal is that we always use the mobile to pay ).

These cards are commonly used in NFC-enabled terminals, so the setting makes it more obvious where they can be accessed. Previously, the button took the form of a tiny, subtle icon that was easier to miss.

The new GPay design went live in January, but has since gained wider adoption, with more and more users receiving the update. Of course, To enjoy the new design, you need to install the latest version of Google Pay.

If you already have a card set up, you will see a Ready to pay button, along with the icons for NFC payments and your card; if you touch the latter, an interface to replace the card will appear current or select a new one.

Google Pay

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If no card is selected, a Set up contactless button appears, along with a generic icon for any card linked to your Google account. If you are a new user, the app will display a drop-down message explaining the function of the menu, they explain.

Google has also made an additional tweak to the app, making it display your current Google Pay balance right below your profile picture on the home tab. In this way we will no longer have to use several applications to know our financial status.