The Reinvention of the Swiss Army Knife on Kickstarter: Magnetic, Customizable and Titanium Modules

The company Windeler created in 2020 an ingenious system of magnetic multi-tools. Now, two years later, the company has developed a knife that is complete with all kinds of more complex tools that can work alone or with others (nothing to do with this other type of knife).

The new Minim knife could be the best example of Windeler design for use alone or with others. The original Windeler family had a folding blade. The Minim, on the other hand, is a more traditional slip-joint folding knife, where the blade folds securely into the handle.

Standing just 10.2cm tall and thick At 6.2mm, the ultra-slim Minim is lightweight and comfortable to carry on its own, but can also be carried alongside other Windeler utensils thanks to its built-in Polynetik magnetic connector.

For those who find it difficult to understand the concept, Windeler has created a knife that can be completed by installments, deciding what extras we want to add to the tool: screwdriver, knife, can opener… .

Windeler is running its Kickstarter offering both individual tools and multi-tool packs.

The first purchase levels are 18 euros for the small Stow, 19 euros for the large Stow, and 35 euros for the scissors, 45 euros for the pliers, 85 euros for the Minim of steel and 105 euros for the Titanium Minim.


The Minim, pliers and scissors can be packed together in a stack for the most committed founders, costing this level a whopping 160 euros.

The campaign is a resounding success, having raised over $130,000 over a $10,000 goal, and if all else goes smoothly, Windeler will begin shipping the new tools in November 2022. The campaign runs until March 4.