The rivalry between cats and dogs reaches cryptocurrencies: Catcoin vs. Shiba Inu and Dogecoin

Since 2013, an ever-increasing variety of meme coins have entered the crypto market, exploding in popularity for myriad odd reasons.

And it is that despite the fact that they were born only for fun and entertainment, little by little they have carved a niche among the tops. Shortly after Dogecoin showed its true potential, other major meme coins such as the Shiba Inu began to attract a number of loyal investors.

However, and consequently, they have paved the way for the birth and explosion from other meme coins. There is another one that has been launched recently and is already on its way to making its way among the major digital currencies.

Catcoin, is a new meme coin that is making Shiba Inu and Dogecoin investors change their minds about their investments.

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Miaoshi Nekomoto launched Catcoin back in November 2021 to create a meme-based, community-driven token with a big dream of creating a great ecosystem for cat lovers.

The coin is mainly focused on offering the best services to its community instead of spending a lot of money on marketing tactics.

Currently, the CATS token is a big competitor against DOGE and SHIB and has emerged as one of the best memecoin investment options in 2022, due to its impressive performance capacity and exciting features.

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It is the first project related to cryptocurrencies that offers live broadcasts on Twitch. Catcoin can also be used to develop applications that provide the community with various tools and simplify the world of cryptocurrencies for new investors.

Its development is mainly focused on the Catnip project, which is expected to be delivered and launched in 2022. It will be an encrypted and anonymous platform that uses blockchain technology to create a secure identity and allow its users to use the platform and send CATS anywhere in the world as a secondary function.

The creators claim that CATS is not just a token, but a revolution in itself in the cryptocurrency market.