The scooter you have at home could be illegal in 2027

A few days ago, the DGT published the Manual of Characteristics of Personal Mobility Vehicles (VMP).

The document shows the technical requirements that must be met and the applicable sanctions if they do not; and a reading that can be worrying: that the scooter you just bought may be illegal in 2027.

Buying a second-hand electric scooter, what should I take into account?

The scooter you just bought may be illegal in 2027

The VMP manual prepared by Tráfico requires manufacturers or authorized representatives to have a certificate of circulation for a specific brand, model and version that guarantees compliance with a series of technical requirements, as well as identification so that said vehicles can circulate on the roads.

The certificate must also reflect that the scooter meets the quality standards in terms of electromagnetic compatibility, resistance to humidity, battery protection…

So that they continue to be legal from From 2027, the scooters will have to have a unique marking in which the maximum speed (not more than 25 km/h) for which it is approved, the serial number and the year of manufacture appear; as well as the brand and model.

If you are thinking of buying a scooter and you want it to be legal once the new standard is applied one hundred percent, also make sure that it has front reflectors (white), side reflectors (white or yellow) and rear (red).

It will also be mandatory that they have an independent brake light and an acoustic warning device.

Deadline: 2027

The Manual for VMP entered into force on 22 from January; however, a transitory regime is established, which sets 2027 as the deadline for full application.

In between, mark the following steps:

  • As of January 22, 2024 they will be brands and models that have been certified and, therefore, Therefore, they will appear in the registry
  • All vehicles marketed until January 22, 2024 will be able to circulate until January 22, 2027 even if they do not have a certificate
  • And it is as of January 22, 2027 when only VMPs that comply with the provisions of the manual and, therefore, that have a certificate to circulate