The striking video starring Óscar I. Zuluaga

Óscar Iván Zuluaga, presidential candidate for the Centro Democrático, CD, calls the attention on social networks by starring in a video where he talks about security in the Valley: “We send them to hell,” he is heard saying. The candidate speaks with Daniel García Arizabaleta, who has also received media attention recently.

In fact, the CD came out a few days ago in defense of the candidacy for the Senate of García Arizabaleta, number 99 in the list of candidates, in a released statement in which he maintains that “he received the endorsement of our party” after submitting his name to a “rigorous process of control of his fiscal, administrative and legal background”.

After this procedure, this group concluded that the process “showed, with testimonial and documentary support, that at present” García Arizabaleta “does not have any type of disability and that there is no investigation against him by the Attorney General’s Office, the Attorney General’s Office or the Comptroller General’s Office, as stated in the corresponding certificates that served as the basis for granting him the endorsement. “.

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The government party’s statement came after journalist Daniel Coronell revealed on W Radio that “hidden there, in the penultimate On the Democratic Center’s Senate list, he is the protagonist of several corruption scandals that began in the Uribe government and have continued in various ways and in complete impunity.”

According to the journalist’s complaint against García Arizabaleta, “the Attorney General’s Office dismissed Daniel García Arizabaleta as director of Coldeportes because, during the government of Álvaro Uribe, he took office and held the position without meeting the minimum requirements.”

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“Faced with the insurmountable obstacle to his ambition, he proceeded to modify the manual of requirements to self-qualify “, affirmed La W.

The station recalled that “after After his time at Coldeportes, Uribe appointed him as director of the National Institute of Roads (Invías).” a resolution changing the requirements,” he assured.

And he adds that, in addition to the professional title, he needed time to exercise, he tried to misleadingly prove work experience that he did not have. “He did it by incurring a falsehood, registering work time as a professional when he had not yet graduated and pretending to equate the condition of a shareholder of a company with that of an employee.”

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“He used a family business to falsely self-certify”, for which “for all these reasons he was also dismissed as director of Invías“.

In addition to the dismissal of the two high officials, García Arizabaleta was sanctioned with 12 and 15 years of inability to perform public functions.

As a former official, García Arizabaleta was a man key to Odebrecht’s operation in Colombia.

The Investigative Unit of EL TIEMPO revealed that one of those investigated in the Odebrecht case, Eduardo Zambrano, from the company Consultores Unidos SA, has offered the Prosecutor’s Office information to demonstrate “payments to Daniel Andrés García Arizabaleta through a fictitious contract and invoices with Consultores Unidos Colombia (…) at the instruction of Eleuberto Antonio Martorelli, then president of Odebrecht Colombia.”

The entrances to the Casa de Nariño by García Arizabaleta at key moments of the tenders are also proven that interested Odebrecht.

García Arizabaleta, sponsored by Odebrecht, organized a visit to Brazil in 2014 by the then candidate Óscar Iván Zuluaga, along with his son David, his then adviser Iván Duque Márquez and García Arizabaleta himself to meet with political adviser Duda Mendonça.

The head of Odebrecht in Colombia declared that García Arizabaleta was his man in the campaign of Óscar Iván Zuluaga .

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For the governing party, however, the endorsement It was given “in compliance with strict ethical commitments with its militants and with the country, all c The party’s candidates for any popularly elected position must undergo a rigorous process of checking their fiscal, administrative, and legal records.”

Now, he appears together with Zuluaga in a video that draws the attention of the users of social networks.