The tragic end of the youngest lottery winner in England

Without a doubt, one of the most common dreams among people is to win the lottery jackpot.

But having large sums of money available comes with great responsibility.

Callie Rogers, 33, is a clear example of what could happen when you receive copious economic resources while being a minor and without professional support.

In 2003, when Rogers was just a teenager, 16 years old , she had the great fortune to win the jackpot of the Great Britain lottery.

While living in the city of Cockermouth, located in the county of Cumbria (England), the young woman received the sum of 1.87 million pounds sterling (more than 9,427 million Colombian pesos today).

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According to the English newspaper The Sun, Rogers began to living without limits: she went out to eccentric parties, used drugs and, among other things, invested a large amount of money inthree breast augmentation operations.

The aforementioned media ensures that she spent around 300,000 pounds (more than 1,500 million pesos) on designer clothes.

The outlet affirms that, in addition, he squandered large sums on other types of things and distributed an important part of his fortune among his family and friends.

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His strange social position, achieved as a result of hitting the lottery numbers, brought him some problems.

According to The Sun, the woman was attacked in 2018 by Marie Hinde, 38, and Jade Quayle, 27, who tried to rob her a large sum of money after attending a party together.

After the incident, the woman fell unconscious in a pool of blood.

The attack left her with broken teeth, several fractured ribs and a concussion that caused permanent damage to her vision. Due to the injuries she suffered, the attackers were arrested.

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Her sentimental situation was also not the best because Nicky Lawson, the father of her two oldest children, abandoned her after 5 years of being together. Later, according to The Sun, the woman had several relationships, but her romantic partners were after her money.

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In December 2020, the woman was captured after crashing her truck Hyundai Tucson on the land of a barn near an area of ??Crosby, located in the village of Sefton.

Some policemen realized what had happened and decided to come closer to observe, according to prosecutor Pam Fee. Following the incident, both Rogers and Jason Fearon (his current partner), 31, tried to escape from the site.

Apropos of their recent sentimental situation, the relationship between Fearon and Rogers was not well seen by their acquaintances.

According to the English media, friends who found out about this union commented on social networks things like: ‘let the drama begin’.

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But back to the incident, to the big point that triggered the visibility of the abyss into which he succumbed after ‘touching the sky’ more than 17 years ago.

Although she refused to take a breathalyzer test after the truck crash, the woman tested positive for other substances.

As a consequence, she was banned from driving for 22 months, in addition, for a year she will have to wear an electronic bracelet to verify that she complies with a nightly curfew dictated by the authorities.

To this must be added a fine of 230 euros (998,000 pesos) for his escape attempt.

According to The Sun, after having had a great fortune in his possession, Rogers is now part of Universal Credit, an economic aid granted by the Government of the United Kingdom to citizens without work or who have very low income.


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