The trick of the Civil Guard to detect fake bills in seconds

According to data from the European Central Bank, in 2020, 460,000 counterfeit euro banknotes were withdrawn, with the 20 and 50 being the most counterfeited. However, the Civil Guard explains that in the face of the proliferation of some counterfeit banknotes with a value of 50 euros, a strategy could be followed to recognize it.

This check is based on three phases: touch, look and turn.

The first thing when receiving a 50 euro bill is to touch it. Feel it. This has to be firm and resistant. If it isn’t, I’m afraid they’re sneaking it on us.

We must also run our finger along the left and right margins of the bill, where if it is true we will notice a certain relief, as well as in the letters and in the large figure that indicates its value.

Secondly, watch it. Hold the bill up to the light and see if it contains, on one side, the watermark (a portrait of Europe, the value of the bill and a window should appear on the sides) and on the other, a dark band in the middle of the note.

Finally, turn it. If we have an authentic one in our hands, inside the window with a portrait we can detect multicolored lines that indicate the value of the bill and the emerald green figure located in the lower corner changes color.

From the Civil Guard they also give us some advice in case we get a fake bill and we, after these steps, identify it as such:

  • Request another ticket without questioning the good faith of the person who gave it to you.
  • Inform the authorities immediately after collecting as much information as possible from the person who has committed a crime.
  • If you know that the ticket is counterfeit but you have already accepted it, do not try to now you buy from him.
  • If the seller reports you, you could face a fine of up to 400 euros.

It is very likely that, even knowing all this , let’s get careless and end up with a counterfeit bill in our wallet. If you think you have fallen into the trap of counterfeiters, you should immediately go to your bank so that they can check if it really is an adulteration.

If the bill is finally legal, you must present the supporting document that they will give you at the bank to get your money back.On the other hand, and sadly, if it is a fake bill, you may lose the amount of it. So be careful and follow all these tricks.