The trick question of the DGT: how many reflective vests should you carry in the car?

The main objective of the DGT, and other administrations, is to reduce the number of traffic accidents on our roads to 0 (or at least reduce the number of fatalities).

For this, numerous campaigns and toughening regulations seek to fulfill this priority. Most of these focus on the abusive use of mobile phones, unsafe driving practices, alcohol… etc.

However, another point to take into account is the safety to assess when any mishap occurs on the road: accident, vehicle failure… Surely you know the emergency triangles, the emergency lights (warning) or the reflective vests.

Well, in this article we will focus on the latter and on answering a big question that you may not have thought about since you got your driver’s license: How many reflective vests should we have? carry in our car?.