The UN meets urgently; Russia says it is open to diplomacy

Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged in a televised statement on Monday the independence of pro-Russian breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine, a decision denounced by the West that aggravates the crisis between both countries.

(Further: US intelligence fears Russia is ready to attack Ukraine)

Furthermore, Putin signed “friendship and mutual aid agreements” with pro-Russian breakaway regions and claimed Ukraine an immediate cessation of “military operations”.

“As for those who have seized power in Kiev and hold it, we demand that they immediately stop military operations, otherwise, all responsibility for further bloodshed will fall on the conscience of the regime on Ukrainian territory”, he said at the end of a long televised speech.

The decision of the Russian head of state responds to the request that a little earlier this Monday had been made by the leaders of these two mining and industrial territories in conflict with Kiev: the Donetsk People’s Republic, Denis Pushilin, and Leonid Pasechnik, from the Lugansk People’s Republic.

According to the Russian presidency, Putin informed his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, and the German head of government, Olaf Scholz, mediators in the conflict, of his decision, who, according to the Kremlin, “expressed their disappointment” .

In eight years, the war between Kiev and the separatists, supported by Moscow, has left more than 14,000 dead. A Russian recognition of the separatists would put an end to the peace process resulting from the 2015 Minsk agreements, signed by Russia and Ukraine under Franco-German mediation, which precisely sought to return these areas to Ukrainian sovereignty.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine rose again this Monday after the exchange of accusations between Moscow and Kiev. The Kremlin denounced the Ukrainian army for having fired on a Russian border post, something the Ukrainians rejected.

After this, Putin said that his country faces a “serious and very big” threat in Ukraine. In this sense, and in the face of fears of war, European diplomacy is mobilized to try to achieve a summit between Putin and Biden. However, the Kremlin cooled down that possibility on Monday.

Meanwhile, the United States assured this Sunday that Russia had launched its “manual” to invade Ukraine, and warned that this aggression could be imminent because, according to US intelligence, the Kremlin has already given the order to attack.

A group of the Ukrainian National Guard carried out military exercises and maneuvers this weekend.


In addition, US intelligence suggests that any Russian invasion of Ukraine would employ a particularly brutal strategy to “crush” the civilian population.<br
Despite international rejection of his decision to recognize the independence of the separatist regions, Putin ordered his army to enter these territories to “keep the peace”, defying threats of sanctions from the West in a move that could unleash a war with Kiev.

Given the situation, the UN Security Council announced a meeting tonight, something very unusual not only because of the night hours but because of the rush to your summons. Ukraine was the first to request that they meet urgently, and then the United States and its allies joined the request.

February 21

“The borders of Ukraine will not change”, says its ambassador to the UN

Ukraine’s ambassador to the UN, Sergiy Kyslytsya, told the Security Council on Monday that his country’s “internationally recognized borders” will remain unchanged despite Russia’s statements and actions.

Ukraine demands Russia “annul its decision to recognize” Ukrainian secessionist territories, “return to the negotiating table” and proceed to an “immediate and verifiable withdrawal of its occupation troops “said the diplomat.


February 21

Russia calls itself “open to diplomacy” on the Ukraine issue

Russian UN representative Vasily Nebenzya said Russia remains “open to diplomacy” but stressed the need to defend breakaway regions from what he described as an aggression by Ukraine.

“We remain open to diplomacy for a diplomatic solution,” he said during an emergency meeting of the Security Council. “However, allowing a new bloodbath in the Donbass is something we do not intend to do,” he added.

USA The US announces new sanctions on Russia

The United States says it will impose new sanctions on Tuesday, after a cautious response to Moscow’s order to deploy troops to two pro-Russian regions of Ukraine.

“We plan to announce new sanctions on Russia tomorrow in response to the decisions and actions Moscow took today. We are coordinating the announcement with our allies and partners,” a White House spokesman explained.