The V16 Osram emergency light from LIDL is at a gift price, less than 11 euros

For many years the classic warning triangles have been our guardians when all else failed. The way to use them was to place them on the road, about 10 meters from our car, in order to warn vehicles in advance that a car was broken down on the hard shoulder.

The problem is that this security tool forced us to have to get out of the vehicle with the consequent danger of being run over. Without a doubt, it does not seem very logical to get out of a car in the middle of a public road where vehicles can go at high speed.

Fortunately, for some time now The DGT recommends replacing these obsolete triangles with a much more practical, safe and comfortable solution: the V16 emergency lights. The best? Right now we have a unit of the highest quality on offer at LIDL.

We are talking, specifically, about the V16 emergency light from the OSRAM brand, famous for making quality products, especially in the field of lighting (it is a company with decades behind it).

The Osram siren LED car light, which is what the product is called at LIDL right now, is on sale at 35%, costing 10.99 euros for a limited time. Its historical minimum price.

At Amazon we have other similar offers, but much more expensive. For example, this V16 emergency light from the Help Flash brand and approved by the DGT costs €23.29, which is very good, but it is already twice the price of the OSRAM one.

Hero Driver LED V16

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The Hero Driver LED is a V16 emergency light approved by the DGT that stands out for being somewhat more powerful than the other lights, in addition to having a rechargeable battery.

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Undoubtedly, the progress of the V16 lights in front of the triangles is enormous, and more since the Justice gave the reason to the consumers about the current lights without geolocation, here you have all the information .

If you have a vehicle, do not hesitate and buy one of these emergency lights, for your safety we say so and do not play with that. Be very careful on the road.