The Wolf Among Us 2: Telltale reveals when we can get a new look at the game

I have the total amount of 0 knowledge about The Wolf Among Us series. I’m lying, because I actually ate myself up when I saw several gameplays of the first game on Youtube. Perhaps I mean more in terms of being at the controls of what happens on screen. But this is something I’ll try to change with The Wolf Among Us 2 when it’s released… if that ever happens.

Hope is the last thing you lose, really. Above all, if Telltalte Games comes to the fore to reveal to the world that they will very soon hold an event related to The Wolf Among Us 2. Next, I leave you with all the details you need to know about it so you don’t miss it.

The Wolf Among Us 2 finally leaves us with its first details and images; Bigby looks better than ever

  • This presentation of The Wolf Among Us 2 will be held on February 9th
  • It will take place at 8:00 p.m. (Spanish time)
  • It will be presented by Geoff Keighley
  • The tweet published by those responsible for the game mentions that we will know new details about the game beyond seeing how the development has been in recent years
  • It is still unknown on which platform the event will be broadcast, but I will keep you informed with any news come to light about it

Taking into account that the only thing we’ve been able to see so far of The Wolf Among Us 2 is a handful of recounted images, the truth is that it’s not surprising that raise the hype to all of us with this presentation. Will they finally announce a release date for the game and accompany it with a first gameplay of it? Only time will tell.