The Xbox Series X/S Quick Resume feature will improve thanks to an update

One of the most applauded functions in Xbox Series X/S since its arrival in 2020 has been Quick Resume, a feature that allows you to leave a game suspended to start another, and then return to the previous one in the same state in which we left it, something that they are also working on at Sony. However, this function is not perfect, but Microsoft is working on improving it, and the result of this is an update that will improve its operation to make it even more comfortable.

Important improvements to Quick Resume

So far, Quick Resume doesn’t give full control over which games we put to sleep, and when they become active again, sometimes doing this in a somewhat random fashion. This will be the case until this update arrives, which will give us full control over this feature.

After that patch arrives, we will be able to control exactly which games we want to keep in a Quick Resume state. You will only have to press the “View” button in the game in question to leave it in this state, which will give the order, so to speak, to our console, to prioritize said title in Quick Resume, something that will not change even if we have other games.Quick Resume

Once this is done, we will have a group of Quick Resume games in which an icon will appear that will indicate that they are ready to start again exactly where we left off, with a limit, for the moment, of two games . Meanwhile, the rest of the titles in our library will act somewhat randomly, as before.

This new feature is already being enjoyed by some Xbox brand insiders, for now in Alpha status, reaching all players in a few weeks.

Source: Windows Central