There are 170,000 people watching on the Internet the problems of planes landing in London’s worst storm in years

The United Kingdom is suffering the effects of Storm Eunice, which has put the country on red alert, as it is one of the worst in the country in decades. Bringing with it extremely intense winds of unprecedented force,** commercial aviation is one of the most affected activities, especially during difficult landing maneuvers**.

And there is someone who is taking advantage of the situation to broadcast the difficulties experienced by planes to land at the most important airport in the British capital, Heathrow. The thing is so impressive that the broadcast is being followed by more than 130,000 people live. This is the broadcast.

Pilots who are more heroes than ever before terrifying images


The broadcast is exciting, although perhaps it can be seen as morbid. The winds are so strong that there are certain movements of the planes that cause real panic. Those who manage to land do so with great difficulty, but at 12:11 (13:11 in Spain) you can see, for example, how an Airbus A380 has not been able to land and you have had to climb again.

At 11:11 (12:11 in Spain) another plane can be seen wobbling and landing with huge problems, finally managing to land quite lopsided.