There is hope for Scalebound! PlatinumGames wants to talk to Microsoft to get the canceled game back

PlatinumGames has gained spectacular fame with several of its games, most notably Bayonetta. But it must be said that surely that fame would have grown with Scalebound, which aimed to be one of the biggest exclusive Xbox games. For those who don’t remember, this is a game that was being developed by the aforementioned studio and that was going to be exclusive for Xbox One. However, after having seen trailers and even spectacular gameplays, the project was cancelled.

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Scalebound director opens up about cancellation and apologizes to Microsoft

This was a very hard blow for many players since, as I say, Scalebound looked simply spectacular. That is why since it was cancelled, many players have speculated that the game would return. And even PlatinumGames itself has assured that it would be delighted to resume development. But that was something he said two years ago, but now they’ve talked about it again.

Is the return of Scalebound possible?

It has been the twitterer Nibellion who has collected a series of statements from two senior officials of PlatinumGames, Hideki Kamiya and Atsushi Inaba with IGN in Japan.

  • In the interview, Kamiya says that he would be delighted to develop Scalebound again
  • Inaba en the one who says that Kamiya has always wanted to continue with that game, and in fact assures that they want to negotiate with Microsoft for his return ??
  • This may come to nothing, but there are a lot of people who want that game to end up coming out, and I think Microsoft wouldn’t turn down the chance that one day that game would be released. launch, so I don’t see it unreasonable that Scalebound ends up coming out ?
  • It should be mentioned that there was already talk at the time that the return or not of the game depends only on Microsoft, not on PlatinumGames ??