These AIs turn characters from history into people of 2022: Artbreeder, FaceApp and an Instagram account that do magic

Brazilian artist Hidreley Diao has an Instagram account (hidreley) with some attention-grabbing photos. Suddenly you see a girl with the style of our century whose face is extremely familiar to you and it is because she is Gioconda herself brought, with Artificial Intelligence, to our times. Or you can see a guy with light eyes and very thin lips that sounds a lot to you and it is because he is Napoléon Bonaparte in the 21st century with the same features that he had in the history books that you studied.

He has already revealed how he has achieved his huge collection of historical faces (or cartoons or even statues like the mythical Liberty of New York), fully adapted to the era in which we live . There is a touch of human intelligence and artistic vision in it. And some Artificial Intelligence tools that help you do the rest.

ZAO, the Chinese MOBILE APP that through DEEPFAKE turns you into DICAPRIO in SECONDS

A bank of images, imagination and AI


First, for these results, the human touch is needed, with an artist’s eye. Diao confesses that in total he spends about two hours with each of the images that fill out his Instagram profile. First, he accesses an image bank to look for photographs of people who resemble the one he has decided to replicate. In his words, “finding the perfect image to be the basis of the art takes much longer than making the art.”

This artificial intelligence draws the object you want in seconds and with the artistic style you decide: this is how it works

This artificial intelligence draws the object you want in seconds and with the artistic style you decide: this is how it works

When he finds a suitable photograph, technology comes into play. The artist uses two different tools. First Artbreeder. This tool allows you to create new images by mixing with others. It is designed with artists in mind and can also combine other types of images and not just faces. For example, landscapes to create new environments that are not real and use them in a fiction. At this moment what it does is superimpose the real image of the statue with the image used. He says that the eyes are key to bringing a statue to life.

After this, Diao uses FaceApp. We have talked about it many times in Genbeta, on different issues such as privacy or different popular uses that have been given in social networks. With FaceApp, the Brazilian artist molds the image until it seems totally real.

Let’s see if you can guess which well-known artist in this photo: